L.P. Steamers is a family owned and managed crab shack that sits in a corner row house in Locust Point, Baltimore.  It is where tradition meets freshness with year-round, hot steamed crabs, and carefully prepared local favorites. Whether you're a crab-picking newbie or you've been hammering and picking your whole life, L.P.'s is the place to visit!

When we were barely big enough to hold a mallet, our Maryland moms' said, "If you can't pick 'em - you can't eat 'um!" Our survival of the fittest crab picking techniques have been passed down from generation to generation and we are here to help you learn the ways of the Bay. If using a butter knife and a wooden mallet to eat is a foreign concept to you - let our friendly staff teach you the best ways to pick and eat our delicious, hot, steamed crabs.

With Zagat ratings and city-wide recognition as one of the best places in Baltimore to enjoy good food, it’s not a surprise that people venture far and wide to pay this place a visit. If you are looking for great seafood with great friends, L.P. Steamers has exactly what you are looking for.

"Pick a man's crabs, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to pick crabs, and he'll live in Maryland the rest of his life." -LPS